Low Power FM Radio October 2013 Filing Window!

UPDATE!  On June 17th the Federal Communications Commissioned announced the official date of the Low Power FM Radio Filing window!  The window will be open October 15th through the 29th!  It’s time to get started if you intend to secure your LPFM Radio license this year!  The previous filing window was nearly thirteen years ago and this will likely be the last filing window.

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The FCC has finally announce a Low Power FM Radio filing window for 2013!  This is not speculation as you have heard so many times before.  In December 2012, the FCC finalized the new LPFM rules and published them in the Federal Register.  The new rules will become final on January 13, 2013 leading the way to an October 2013 filing window!

Many new positive changes have occurred for Low Power Radio. No longer will LPFM radio applicants be required to lost out due to third adjacent frequency proximity.  Congress eliminated this requirement in the 2010 Local Community Radio Act.  The new rules now reflect this new congressional requirement.

Additionally creating even more Low Power FM Radio frequencies, the FCC has take this a step further instituting a way to locate on Second Adjacent frequencies.  Under certain circumstances when a fully spaced frequency is not available, you can now apply as close as two frequencies away from an existing station!  This will create much more LPFM Radio frequencies.  The process is a bit more complicated and would require an engineering study and waiver.  But it is available for those where traditional spacing just wont allow an LPFM station.  Don’t worry, we’re here to help with the Second Adjacent Waivers for Low Power FM radio stations!

If that was not enough to clear the dial for LPFM Radio – the FCC also removed the IF protections for Low Power FM Radio applicants.  We’ll explain more about this later, but it does add additional availabilities in many areas.

Low Power FM Radio Stations can now own translators!  Now that’s a ground shaking event for the service.  Previously an LPFM station could not own any other broadcast stations.  Now they can own up to two FM translators!  This further extends the range and penetration of LPFM Radio stations.

There are several other changes in the new rules.  We’ll post more detailed information on each change in separate articles here on LowPowerFMRadio.org soon!

In the mean time, the October 2013 Low Power FM Radio Filing window is just a few short months away!  There are a few steps you need to take in advance if you wish to own your own LPFM Radio station.  Contact us at 321-300-LPFM to get started today!

For additional information visit:  LPFMRadio.org or LPFMStore.com